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Cod. 121 - Station for sampling acid, weighing, dilution with water and distribution to vat or drum Stampa E-mail


The system foresee the acid aspiration from tank or reservoir; the weighing on load cell, the feeding to selected vat or drum at requested weight upon dilution with water on selected percentage.


Absence of acid motion from the operators

Dosing very exact of acid quantity

Simplicity of installation

Absence of pumps

Fair deliveries to the requested values by the customer


At the operator request of a dosing, the system estimates if the quantity is available inside the balance tank; if already inside, the system feed the drum before 50% of dilution water then the weight of acid and at last the remnant of dilution water. If the acid value requested is higher to the internal availability the system loads again automatically the tank until the maximum weight, after effects the feeding like requested.


Hydraulic switchboard complete of pneumatic valve for acid and water and weighed tank

Electric switchboard assembled on hydraulic switchboard containing PLC and electrovalves of the system

Control keyboard touch-screen with screen 5,2"