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Ever since 1980, when a group of technicians decided to direct the experience they had matured in the largest Italian tanning group of that time towards one aspect of production that was acquiring greater importance, automation Spelto has put at the disposal of its customers all the tchnology and know-how that they need to increase quality.
It was a question of transferring also to the tannery the most recent technological innovations regarding manufacturing equipment, but adapting them to the specific requirements of tannery field.
This goal was reached in full and today Spelto designes and produces complete automated plants to treat sheep, goat and kid skins and cow hide, as well as automation systems able to optimise individual processes and complete departments like:

  • plants to mix and distribute water to drums
  • plants to weigh and distribute liquid or powder chemicals
  • vats with or without weighing systems
  • computerized management of drums and paddles
  • components and spare parts for tannery
  • Leading-edge technology, competence and experience, reliability in every phase of plant planning and construction this is why tanneries of every size, in Italy and all over the world, which want to increase quality and productivity, find their ideal partner in Spelto.

    The equipments and piping in tannery are realized in stainless steel so the experience acquired in the working of more types of stainless steel is remarkable. For this reason Spelto has created a second field of activity turned to manufactured articles realized with this material. Particularly:

  • filters in inox to separate hair deposited on the drum or paddle in the liming process
  • horizontal and hermetic filters on drums bath recycle (tanning and dyeing)
  • filters in the discharge or recovery channels
  • tannery sludge thickeners in inox
  • manufactured articles in stainless steel for protection of walks, balconies, parkings, etc...